Léitheoirí na Gaeilge Gaeilge

Léitheoirí na Gaeilge
Read in Irish

Coming in 2021!

This new pilot project aims to promote and develop reading in Irish. This website, leitheoiri.ie, will be a centre of information where up-to-date details will be shared about all aspects of reading in Irish. There will be information about newly-published books as well as books which have been around for longer; book clubs; libraries; book shops; events; websites; e-books; podcasts; videos; and much more.

As well as that, reviews of Irish-language bools will be prioritised in various ways, with help from the widest readership in the community.

Finally, the return of an old friend, An Léitheoir, will be warmly welcomed. This will be issued twice a year to provide the Irish community with the most comprehensive information about different types of reading material.


Léitheoirí na Gaeilge recently provided an information pack to relevant stakeholders and other interested parties. Participants may complete the survey online by following the link below.

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